Stay Tuned

Dear family and friends,

We must sadly inform you that our wedding we planned for this coming February 2014 will have to be postponed!

The problem with planning a wedding more then a year in advance, is that life continues and everyone has time to start families, get new jobs, get married, buy houses, break really important bones, etc. While there is never a perfect time for an international wedding event, February has turned out to be the least convenient month of all!

While this has not been an easy decision to come to, we have decided we must revisit the drawing board, and think really long and hard about how to coordinate this event the best way possible..

We haven’t decided on future dates yet, but needless to say when we do start the planning process again you will be the first to know.

We appreciate your understanding, hopefully this does not inconvenience anyone. We wish everyone all the best until we talk to you again.

Much love,
Tom and Jessica

We Have a Website!

Hello friends and family! Welcome to Tom and Jessica’s wedding website. Since our loved ones live all over the world, we decided on ditching traditional pen and paper solutions and enter the digital world!

We would love to see you in New Zealand to help us celebrate our big day on February 8th, 2014, and hope that this website provides you with all of the information you need to join us.

Lots of love,
Tom & Jessica